Monday, 7 January 2013

TOP 5 Favorite Cakes from 2012

Continuation of our top 10 favorite cakes from 2012...

5. Christmas Bauble Cake
It's the first time I've tried baking and ganaching a ball/sphere cake and it was the first time I learned that this particular ball is called a "bauble". You get to learn stuff everyday hehe...
Ornament, bauble or whatever you call it, I learned how to ganache the ball cake on my own (*ehem* I actually loved smoothing the ganached ball with my hands *ehem*) and cover it with fondant. It's a bit tricky but it was a good practice.
We ended up serving this to our store customers. We sliced it up and served it to customers who come in. I LOVED the coconut cake inside! It's my favorite cake recipe!

4. Chanel Cake
I believe the simplest cake designs are the hardest and most nerve-wrecking things you could do. You have to be really precise and perfect and make sure that there are no rips, tears and imperfections whatsoever because it WILL ruin the whole design of your cake! The minimalistic cakes mean perfect covering and no space for bubbles and wonky fondant because you can't and won't be able to cover it with any other design.

This cake design isn't actually ours, it's from FROST YOURSELF but my client really wanted this design and I was happy to try it out sans big diamond and diamond studs. We loved doing this and the design made by Frost Yourself was really elegant and stunning.

3. Barbie Cake
I have a fear of tacky cakes and they usually come in the form and theme of Barbie and other overused cartoon/tv characters that kids love. I was hesitant to to take this order because I was afraid of designing it. But then again... challenge accepted!
It was my first Barbie skirt carving and I really liked doing it. Of course we bought the real Barbie doll and she looked so pretty. I got insecure a little. My inner fashion designer was happy, I got to dress her up in a poofy ball gown.
I actually loved how it turned out. The colors didn't look tacky and I loved how the skirt cake looked so natural with the doll.

2. Sharon Wee's Basic Intensive Cake Class
I love love love Sharon Wee! I love her work and she's so amazing. We had an opportunity to take her Basic Intensive Class in Singapore and we had an AMAZING time. Sharon was a great teacher and she was so cool and very helpful in class you just end up having a lot of fun.
This class covered all the basics of Australian-style cake making and decorating. We ganached squares, round and carved cakes and learned how to cover them properly.
I particularly liked this class because the design of the cake is just too cute to eat. We had so much fun and meeting other cake designers and making friends with them was clearly the icing on the cake.

1. Zombie Head Cake
And... my most favorite cake of the year.... my ZOMBIE HEAD CAKE! (*insert maniacal laugh here*)
OH.MY.GOD. I can't even begin to explain how much I loved loved loved making every bit of this cake. I'm a huge zombie fan and I love Halloween (the gore kind) and horror that I seriously planned this head cake way way ahead of time. It was challenging and it was the first time that I actually carved something that's not a regular shape but a head. At first I wanted it to be just a severed head but the perfectionist that I am and how I wanted to scare people last Halloween, I wanted it to look as realistic as possible. I got scared that I won't be able to pull it off so I decided on the zombie head instead. I was so happy. It's not as perfect but it was perfect that way. I'm talking nonsense but hopefully you get the point. I was so proud of myself for making this since it's my first time to do a cake like this. Let's not forget the blood. The blood was gorgeous.

me and my best girlfriends in full support of my zombie head

and of course me... trying to lick blood of my head cake. There's too much love for zombies going on here.


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